3D Animated Publicity

Design Genius Gives lives to Drawings

the 3d animated publicity

The future of design

We are living in a community where most youth, people barely have time for the television or time to watch publicity passing on the tv but we are proposing a better option with a DESIGN GENIUS 3D animation publicity. Our 3D animation services is aimed at offering publicity purposes.This process begins with building of characters , rigging and animation of the characters with the story line of your project.

When we talk about character building we  can take an example from one of our characters used for 3D classes publicity.

The image above shows a male  character that has been rendered with a  white T-shirt and a black well slim trousers with a pair of “mokaset”

This character might look funny,but its place here on purpose for you to understand that we can achieve whatever character you want.Our concepts entirely depends on the scene of your project.Imagine our designs to be a movie direction session where any character can play any role.We just adapt to changes.

Design genius helps you tell your story in 3D.

The image describes a female character that is used in one of our animations, equally  the image has been rendered with the chair. Just bring your advert concept to us and we help you realize it, but if you got none, we can equally create one for you.

we also collaborate with certain publicity platforms and freelance services on which your publicity will be shared, below is an image of a complete male character with lenses for a particular reason

Below is a video of a realized animation. With out character and voice